Reversing Diabetes


How does type 2 diabetes develop? Why is there a worldwide epidemic of type 2 diabetes. There are more people with pre-diabetes in America than those without. The medical establishment tells us that type 2 diabetes is a chronic progressive disease, but if there was a way to turn back insulin resistance, then we could turn back T2D.

What causes a insulin resistance….insulin does. So let’s explore a few examples cited by Dr. Fung to support this claim.


This is a rare tumour which secretes large amounts of insulin. As the tumour pumps out insulin in the body, insulin resistance increases. This is a life saving mechanism because if the resistance did not develop, the high levels of insulin could result in extremely low blood sugars which could kill the person with the insulinoma.

Inducing Insulin Resistance

Is this possible? Yes! In a study men with no previous insulin resistance, diabetes or obesity were give an intravenous infusion of insulin for 96 hours. At the end of the treatment, they had developed insulin resistance. With normal but persistent amounts of insulin these subjects were made insulin resistant.

Our modern lifestyle coupled with sketchy advice on diet and nutrition and the greed based system of the pharmaceutical and food companies has resulted in the obesity and diabetic epidemic.

Number of times we eat

We know that insulin itself causes insulin resistance. We have learned that you can infuse normal levels of insulin for only ninety six hours and cause insulin resistance, have you considered the number of times we eat? Going to a dietician now, they call for eating small portions more frequently. Well, each time you eat food, your body produces insulin. See the insulin release pattern of three meals, no snacks.

Now consider the insulin release pattern of meals and snacks.

We are constantly eating food. And this constant increase in frequency of eating food keeps our insulin levels high. This contributes to developing insulin resistance.

Source: The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung

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